Scalp Rejuvenating Mask-頭皮敷面膜

The scalp is an extension of the facial skin.  Ageing of the scalp is 6 times faster than that of the face. Besides regular cleansing, the scalp also requires regular rest in order to naturally recuperate and rejuvenate.

Regular application of this serum, promotes cellular rejuvenation, anti-oxidation, and strengthens hair follicles, achieving deep recuperation of the scalp membrane.  It can also be affective in treating allergic reactions, rashes, and inflammation of the scalp.  The serum can also be massaged into the forehead section using pressure points, and can also result in detoxification.

This serum is activated and is most potent when it reaches body temperature (37degrees Celsius).  In only a few minutes the effects can be felt by the cool, clean feeling that the serum brings, and amazing results!

ApplicationUse a small amount and spread evenly over scalp.  Massage into scalp for 10 minutes.  Rinse clear. 





適合對象:各種頭皮( 油性、頭皮屑、過敏頭皮尤佳


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The products of CLEACODE are all nature. Our spiritual development is Pure Nature and Health. We give your scalp a chance to take a break. Reduce your scalp ageing Delay the age of hair losing.



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