Cleacode scalp shampoo-洗頭精

 A healthy scalp starts from cleansing 

Researchers developed a product that could effectively clean and purify the hair and scalp while providing comfort and rejuvenation.  Using natural plant extracts, a ph5.5 weak acid is created to interact with the scalps natural acidity.  This discourages bacterial growth and alleviates allergic reactions. 

Immediately treat dandruff and scalp itchiness.

Not medicationSo will not encourage drug resistance.

It uses an amino acid foaming agent with natural properties, low stimulation.

Has PH5.5 acidity, close to the normal skin acidity, as a result is mild, non-irritating.

No additivessilicon composition』,does not leave residuals.

 Using way:

 Apply and massage into scalp. Massage 3-5 minutes and leave on for another few minutes.. Rinse

*Ingredients are all natural, does not require conditioner. Shampoo may be used daily.

* This product uses the amino acid foaming agent.  If the scalp is excessively greasy, apply once again and rinse.


髮根香專業頭皮養護 CLEACODE Profession Hair Company

The products of CLEACODE are all nature. Our spiritual development is Pure Nature and Health. We give your scalp a chance to take a break. Reduce your scalp ageing Delay the age of hair losing.



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