cleacode scalp remover-頭皮卸妝乳

The air is filled with a variety of chemical substances, with the dust, falling on our scalp. The sweat, grease, dandruff, the results over time, will damage our scalp.

Even become breeding ground for bacteria, causing itchy scalp, dandruff and disgusting smell. So the damage scalp will affect the normal metabolism of the scalp, hair follicles function gradually degraded and hair shedding.

The weak acid formula, using ultra-fine dissolved technology, fresh and mild. No soap base, no surfactants, no dimethicone ingredients to damage your scalp. Soften and exfoliate your scalp, stimulate the peripheral nerve of scalp ~ slow down the hair loss, deep cleaning the scalp, suitable for any kinds of scalp.

Using way:
Take appropriate Cleansing Milk on the scalp before shampooing; gently massage the scalp for about 3-5 minutes than take flush, after that use a few shampoo wash again. 


髮根香專業頭皮養護 CLEACODE Profession Hair Company

The products of CLEACODE are all nature. Our spiritual development is Pure Nature and Health. We give your scalp a chance to take a break. Reduce your scalp ageing Delay the age of hair losing.



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