Cleacode scalp deep-cleaning-淨化液

A Chemistry professor suggested to avoid hair protection(first purify hair then nurse) after dye or perm. It will help avoid toxic ingredient to be steamed in the scalp, which accelerates the body absorption.

  Removing chemical residuals from perms and dyes. From the viewpoint of good health, perms and dyes leave residual chemicals.  These chemicals must be removed from the pores of the scalp so that body remains healthy.

Scalp Cleanup- protecting the scalp means having beautiful hair!

Through regular cleaning and toning, allows for the removal of toxins and waste caused by ageing and decline.  Regular toning eliminates residuals leftover from conditioners resulting in healthy hair, less bacterial and maintains a fresh, pure scalp  allowing 100% absorption, achieving quick results!

 Using way:

After dyes, perms or washing hair, (do not use with conditioner), apply directly to the scalp and massage for several minutes.  Leave in for 10 minutes.  Rinse.


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The products of CLEACODE are all nature. Our spiritual development is Pure Nature and Health. We give your scalp a chance to take a break. Reduce your scalp ageing Delay the age of hair losing.



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