Cleacode scalp balancing essence-頭皮調理精華液

The scalp is an extension of the facial skin. 

The scalp and hair have different needs individual hair strands require glossiness and smoothness. 

It is almost impossible for one formula to meet the needs of both elements.

Specially formulated for the scalp, no alcohol additives, the Scalp Moisturizing Lotion is the best choice for the scalp. The ability to moisturize hair cuticles allows for comfort and rejuvenation.

The scalp’s pores are immediately restrained after washing one’s hair. Chemical reactions improve and serve to desensitize the scalp, and after a while can maintain, and anti-oxidize, cause antibiotic reactions, and thereby removing most common scalp problems and encouraging a healthy scalp.

Using way:

After washing hair, apply directly to scalp.Massage into scalp.

髮根香專業頭皮養護 CLEACODE Profession Hair Company

The products of CLEACODE are all nature. Our spiritual development is Pure Nature and Health. We give your scalp a chance to take a break. Reduce your scalp ageing Delay the age of hair losing.



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