Cleacode hair coloring screen cream-染前隔離防護素

Before dyeing scalp skin protection

Isolating Protectant Healthy hair is the most beautiful fashion trend. 

Always protect when dyes or perms are used.

 No matter how expensive or inexpensive a dye is, the chemical compositions will always harm hair to a degree, very easily affecting the scalp, entering hair follicles and into the blood vessels.  Although these harmful chemicals are discharged by the body, long-term use is harmful to one’s health.  Before perms or dyes are used, the scalp should be actively isolated and protected from the harmful chemical solutions that are used in these processes.

        Dermatologists highly recommend before perms or dyes are used, the scalp should always be isolated and protected.

       Pre-dye isolation: protects from harm and reduces allergic reactions and harm to the scalp.

Intermediate dye protectionDuring the dyeing process it will protect from harming the strands of hair and ensure color is applied evenly on every strand.

Pre-perm isolation and protectant: strengthens hairs silky structures and completely protects and prevents the chemicals from causing harm.


Before the dye, apply the Isolation Protectant to the scalp.  Spread all over the scalp and outside the hairline.  Massage into the scalp to ensure that there is even and thorough application.

During the dye processAdd 10 ml of Isolation Protectant into the dye solution, mix.  This allows for the dye to penetrate and cover evenly and effectively the hair strands.  And extends the life of the hair color.

Pre-perm treatment:  Leave on scalp for 3 minutes to soak and then rinse clear.




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